10 questions to ask before hiring a home builder

As you are reading this article, we will assume that you have already calculated the pros and cons and decided to go for professional help. While DIY projects are cost-effective and rewarding, hiring experts can guarantee the finesse and efficiency.

As the point is to take the hassle off our shoulder, having to deal with issues even after handing it over to the professional misses the whole purpose of it. So, make sure to do your research before you hire any professional so you can be free of all your worries regarding the project.
10 questions to ask before hiring a home builder - Gold Coast

  1. How long have you been in business and what are your area of expertise?

Ask about their experiences, the more the better in this case. Having been operating for long time helps develop some insights on the work that no amateur will have. You also need to know if they have experience in the particular field you are searching for. This will ensure higher quality of service.

  1. Will you provide me Portfolios of your previous works?

It is also essential that you ask for a portfolio. Whether you are looking for carpenters and whatever it is that you need the carpenter to make, you should always request a portfolio. By looking closely and examining the portfolio, you will know if they suit to your specific requirements. Besides, you can also get the idea of their work quality.

  1. Can you provide referees for me to contact about your work history?

First-hand information is always the most reliable. Previous clients are a great way to get some background information on how your prospective carpenter is like to deal with and what the quality of their work is like. A reliable carpenter should easily be able to provide you with the contact details of a few previous clients.

  1. Do you give written estimates and quotation?

Asking for an estimation and a quotation is a must. You should never accept verbal assurance that it will cost about this much. Make sure they give you a detailed estimation and provides you with a written quotation.

  1. How do you deal with changes to the specification?

Changes of mind always cost you money and cause delay. But these might be changes worth having, so you need to know how your builders deal with changes to the initial arrangements and ensure that you are okay with it.

  1. Do you have an established team or do you hire sub-contractors?

See if they have all the skills and expertise in house. It is much better if your builder has an established team, as dealing with sub-contractors for the first time may arise issues.

  1. Do you clean up after your work is done?
    There is nothing worse than being left with sawdust, timber offcuts and random nails scattered all around. Cleaning up the site once the job is completed is as important as the task itself. It also shows their integrity and professionalism towards work. So make sure you hire someone who is sincere to their work, and will not leave you with a pile of mess.
  2. What are your common safety precautions?

Any kind of renovation includes different types of jobs and tasks like rewiring the electric system can be dangerous too. If not taken proper measure, it can harm the staffs working on the job. One that takes care of their stuffs enough, will also take care of your equipment that you can be sure of.

  1. Do you have public liability and personal accident insurance?
    Having public liability and personal accident insurance shows a tradesperson is serious about their business. In case any accidents or damage occurs to either the contractor, yourself or your house, you will be covered if they have these insurances.
  2. Do you offer a guarantee of your work?

Because you are putting your money for having a meticulous job, you should make sure you have it. Ask them if they provide guarantee of their work so that if their work doesn’t match up to their initial promises, you can have it fixed without any further cost.

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