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If you want your backyard to have a little extra charm, pergola is the way to go. A pergola can create a defined space for outdoor entertainment and relaxation and additionally can give your home a more stylish look. This can be the shaded area beside the pool, or a centrepiece for your garden, or simply a sitting area where you can just chill, but there is no way of denying the appeal of a well-built pergola. Continue reading “How to choose the right pergola for your home?”

If you are considering selling your house, there is a good chance that you are going through the ‘renovation dilemma’, that is whether you should spend money on the property to up its market price or not.

Investing on a property you are putting up for sale can seem to be a waste now, but a smartly renovated home indeed can prove to be a profitable deal in the long run. A well renovated property that has the efficiency and the aesthetic charm, is more likely to stand out from the other similar properties on the market and less likely to be beaten down on price. Continue reading “Boost the market price of your house with house renovation”

In case you have a deck that isn’t going well with your taste, or you think your deck needs a redecoration, or it needs to be jazzed up a bit- you have stumbled upon the right blog.

We understand how important it is to have a place to relax and soothe your mind and that is why we felt it necessary to share a few tips and tricks with you that can turn your regular deck into an exclusive one. With these tricks, you can make it more stylish, more comfortable, and more useful. Continue reading “The ugly deck-ling: Transform your skimpy deck into a beautiful one”

Whether you found a near-to-perfect home to move in only it is missing a few stuffs from your imagination or over the time you realised a few modification can make your current home even homier, we know how important it is to have a place that suits cent percent to your taste and comfort.

Renovating your existing home with custom home additions will be a cost-effective option to give your home a new and fresh look. With a custom renovation you can turn your near-to-perfect home into a perfect one. This cost-effective option can give your home a new and fresh look, and add a finesse to your home interior too. You can simply have a chat with your builder and give them the design specifics sharing what you want to do in your home renovation, and they will take care of the rest. Continue reading “The art of not letting your dream go: Custom building for your house”

As you are reading this article, we will assume that you have already calculated the pros and cons and decided to go for professional help. While DIY projects are cost-effective and rewarding, hiring experts can guarantee the finesse and efficiency.

As the point is to take the hassle off our shoulder, having to deal with issues even after handing it over to the professional misses the whole purpose of it. So, make sure to do your research before you hire any professional so you can be free of all your worries regarding the project. Continue reading “10 questions to ask before hiring a home builder”

Do we eat to live or live to eat has always been a crucial question for food lovers. If you ask me, I’ll be slightly leaning towards the latter. Jokes part, as we spend much of our time cooking and then eating with our family, the importance of an efficient kitchen space is necessary. We should not hesitate whenever we feel a kitchen remodelling is needed.

With all the DIY videos floating around the internet, it’s common to think, from simple redecoration to major home renovations, no project is too big to handle. But when it comes to kitchen remodelling, is this risk worthy enough to take? Continue reading “Kitchen remodelling: DIY or Professional?”

Every soul that has a car with no garage to park knows the struggle of leaving it at the mercy of the outdoor elements. Leaving a car unsheltered leaves you with the risk of the paint fading, of it getting wet, or being damaged by the hail. This can ruin the beautiful furnish of your vehicle and lead it to costly repairs, the beast.

A carport can be a great addition to your home. Alongside it being handy and functional, you can have it built custom made and add the aesthetic value to your home too. Continue reading “Beauty without the beast: Building carport for weather protection”

If you want to be indoor but also want a little bit of sky and fresh air, a patio is what you need. Don’t worry, you don’t need to dig up the backyard and sweat all over to make it perfect. Some small investments on the extended area of your home and you are ready to go.

Patios can be located anywhere in your landscape. You can define the area by creating a floor from brick, flagstones, wood chips, grave, or anything that gives it a distinct look or let it simply be on ground level. It’s totally up to you how you want it designed and decorated. Continue reading “A picture perfect patio: DIY tricks from professionals”

He who said bathroom is where you spend the most creative minutes of your day, must be a very wise man. If you ask me, I would immediately agree to the phrase considering the fact that we spend so much time sitting here. You need to have proper maintenance schedule for your bathroom and should not hesitate whenever you feel a remodelling is needed.

Continue reading “Things to consider before starting on your bathroom remodelling”

If you are a design-freak, and studied a bit of ancient roman architectural history, you must have crossed path with the term ‘pergola’ once or twice. This specific garden architecture, pergola, was originally used by the roman emperors to create shade between buildings. It was also used to grow flowers and vines all over it which made them even more picturesque. Pergola is one of those oldest design structures that has stood the test of time with their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Continue reading “Have your way with exotic pergolas: A small lesson on pergola designs”

PergolasRenovations - Gold Coast - MTB Constructions - 3 Reasons you Need a Pergola Builder on the Gold Coast are great for many reasons, providing you with protection from the weather – be it sun or rain, and also making for a great entertaining space when you have family and friends over. Whether you have just moved into your dream home, or are looking at giving your place a bit of a face lift, here are five reasons you need a pergola builder on the Gold Coast:

  1. Increase the value of your property: even if you aren’t looking to sell straight away, it is important to keep this in mind. The notion of an outdoor room has grown in popularity in the past few years, giving your home an edge over other homes in your area.
  2. Perfect for entertaining: when you have guests over during summer it’s nice to be able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. A pergola is the perfect space to achieve this. It will protect you if it’s too hot, keep the rain off you and offers a great entertaining space that looks stylish.
  3. Add to your landscape: a pergola makes for the perfect focal point in the landscape design of your garden. You can plan the rest of the features around it and draw people’s attention to its style and modern look.

Continue reading “3 Reasons you Need a Pergola Builder on the Gold Coast”

Find the Right Builder

No matter where you live, before undergoing any changes to your home, you want to find the right builder to complete the job. When searching for a renovations builder on the Gold Coast, make sure you take a look at their previous work, ask about their track record and check to see what customers have said about their service. This information is a good indication of how reliable they are as a business.

Continue reading “Tips for Home Renovations on the Gold Coast”

Build A Pergola, Build Interest

Renovations - Gold Coast - MTB Constructions - How A Pergola Adds Value To Your Property
One Example Of The Many Pergola Styles We Build.

Some prospective home buyers have a pergola on their list of must-haves. Adding a pergola to your yard opens up the market for you and expands your range of potential buyers. This improves your chances of finding a buyer who will match or exceed your desired selling price.

An Asset For Everyone

Pergolas are an outdoor entertainment classic. Combined with a timber deck, a pergola completes the perfect setting for a backyard BBQ. Pergolas add character to a backyard. Where decks provide a stage, pergolas construct a scene. A professional pergola builder can create pergolas in a vast range of styles to create a defined ambiance. Another benefit of a pergola is extending the home, providing a relaxing area by combining the comfort of inside and the freedom of the outdoors.

Continue reading “How A Pergola Adds Value To Your Property”

Carpentry Is A Great Hobby

Renovations - Gold Coast - MTB Constructions - The Importance Of Hiring A Professional Capenter
It Takes A Long Time To Obtain A Full Workshop Of Tools And The Skills To Use Them

Woodworking is a classic hobby. Most people find the act of creating, even poorly, is a satisfying thing. A few basic tools will get you going and there are plenty of tutorials to help you develop and master skills.


Some Things Are Best Left To A Pro

While we encourage carpentry as a hobby, some things are best left to a professional. Things like chairs and sheds have an important safety element and large projects like carports or decks require costly materials. Using the wrong tool with the wrong wood is an easy and costly mistake. Make sure you hire a professional for:

  • Carports
  • Extensions
  • Renovations
  • Pergolas
  • Other large projects

Continue reading “The Importance Of Hiring A Professional Capenter”