Carport extensions are a great way to extend your home

Carports extensions are growing in popularity on the Gold Coast

When considering that your car is usually the second most valuable thing you own, it’s not surprising that people want them protected from the elements.

The best thing about a carport is, not only are they relatively cheap and easy to construct, they also extend your roof line out to the boundary of your property. When done correctly this makes your house look much larger than it originally was and great for curb appeal.

This could also mean you could build in your existing garage to create a large open space that you never thought you had, a media room or kids play area is now achievable.

Incorporate a front boundary wall, gatehouse or fence into the design too, then you can utilise the front yard that you never realised you had.

Why should I get a carport for my Gold Coast home?

  • The Gold Coast experiences extreme temperatures in the summer, with temperatures sometimes going over 40°C. When its 40 °C outside the car, the temperature can be three times as hot under the hood. To protect your engine and keep your car cool, a carport is a great option for providing shade
  • Whilst the temperatures do sore on the Gold Coast, we are also susceptible to storms, hail, wind and flooding, all can damage your car. A carport offers protection from the elements
  • A carport, whilst not secure like a garage can provide extra storage where needed
  • Carports are not necessarily for cars, you can park your tailor, boat, motorcycle, bike, or anything else in it
  • When the cars away the kids can play. A carport can be a great shaded area for the kids to play in. Not only does it protect them from the sun but it might also get them out of the house on rainy days
  • Whilst a garage is a great addition to any home, you can’t beat a carport for convenience. Offering protection from the elements as you unload your shopping, without the need to even open a door
  • A carport is a great addition to your Gold Coast home, and with all the different materials on the market we can make it so it blends in with your house instead of looking like an add on
  • A carport is a great way to add value to any home, and when it comes time to sell it can add significant value to the purchase price of your property

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