Extend your house to gain that extra space

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Thinking of extending your home?

By renovating, you can open up your home to gain extra space, but sometimes that’s still not enough.

By extending, you can go outwards or upwards to create however much room your block, or budget will allow.

Home extensions on the Gold Coast have never been so popular. Home owners are choosing to stay where they are to customise their existing house to suit their needs. The benefit of this isn’t just the extra space, but the overall value and size of the house upon resale.

Do you go outwards or upwards?

This really depends on your existing block and the position that your house sits on it. You may want to go outwards to get a better view of a canal, beach or hinterland, or you may just need a small amount of extra space.

You may not have the advantage of spare land surrounding the house so you might have to go upwards, putting and extra level on your existing home to double the size. This then changes the entire layout and function of the house, the options with going up are endless, but don’t forget you loose a fair amount of space for the stairwell.

Customise your extension

The average block size on the Gold Coast is relatively small but extending is usually still possible.  Most of the costs go into the underground slab and footings and the roof. If the existing roof line is extended and access is relatively easy, then you have nothing to worry about.

What we aim to achieve with your home extension is to match the existing shape, colour and profile of the house. If its brick and tile, we match it or find ways to make it blend, if its weatherboard and metal roofing, we match it or find ways to make it blend. Our goal is to make it look like it was always there.

Each extension is completely different and requires pre-planning, engineering and certification to make sure the design and structural aspects are right, plus the new extended area meets the GCCC council regulations.

The most common Gold Coast extension is to extend the roof line to the boundary to create an enclosed carport, then to build in the existing garage area to create an extra large room. This also makes the existing house look much larger as it extends out to the street line.

With our advise to guide you of what will work best, plus our team of recommended architects and designers, we can create your vision.  Once your extension design planned out and on paper, we can then come to site to thoroughly inspect your existing house materials, colours, profiles and finishes to be sure it will all match. We then go onto accurate project costing and present the scope of works and quote for approval.

We specialise in Home Extensions and have carried out numerous successful projects to date, contact us today for your free onsite project assessment.