We provide custom solutions to suit you

A renovation can completely transform your Gold Coast home

When you love your location but not the house that you live in, its time to renovate. Houses can become quickly outdated and if yours has not been upgraded recently, it can leave you feeling like you’ve been left out and living in the past.

With house prices rising on the Gold Coast everyday and vacant land only being available miles away from the ocean, renovating has never been so desired.

Our Process

Upon contacting us we first send out our ‘MTB Client Form’ or questionnaire, this helps us find out all the information we require about who you are, plus what exactly it is your wanting done.  Once we have reviewed this we should have all the information we require to book in our complimentary free onsite project assessment.


Onsite Project Assessment can include:

  • Evaluation of the existing dwelling and design recommendations
  • Scope of works – (what it is you require)
  • Outcomes of what you want to achieve with your proposed renovation
  • Where you are currently situated with your project
  • Building design, overall vision and dreams for your project
  • Required commencement / completion dates
  • Your proposed budget
  • Your expected quality specification range
  • Past experience with building
  • What you expectations are in your preferred builder

No matter what builder you choose for your renovation, there will be some preliminary requirements needed first.

If your project requires design and approval, we are here to help.  We can arrange architectural concept drawings, followed by working drawings after your approval.

From there we can arrange engineers plans and specifications to be carried out, plus certification and council requirements for the project so there is nothing you need to do.


Preliminary requirements for accurate pricing can include:

  • Preparation of concept drawings including site plan, floor plan and elevations of the project
  • Development and alterations of those drawings to properly detail what you are after
  • Working drawings (architectural drawings – the design and layout of the project)
  • Soil test and geotechnical report
  • Structural engineers plans and specifications (the bones of the project)
  • Certification, approvals and council fees
  • Town planning

Upon completion of the preliminary requirements you may need, we can they carry out an accurate quote for your project.

This is where we construct your project in the office, we breakdown and take off each item and detail.

After sitting down with you and going over some of your selections and requirements we can then obtain a fully detailed scope of works and cost plan, all with your proposed budget in mind as our primary goal.

Our detailed quotes can provide you with:

  • Most importantly – the overall cost
  • Detailed scope of works and inclusions
  • License and insurance details and requirements
  • Provisional sums and prime cost items (PS & PC)
  • Level of quality of fixture and fittings (based off previous information you have supplied)
  • Proposed commencement and completion date
  • A list of non-inclusions to really simplify what we have not allowed for

After reviewing the quote and cost plan together, we can then revise or alter it if required to make sure it extremely accurate from the start.

We then first explain, then enter a plain english contract provided by the HIA which outlines every question and detail you may have about the renovation process. Once this is complete you can then work with us, or our designer, to make the relevant selections necessary for the start of construction. After all its your house and we want you to have the choice to choose each detail that will assist us in creating your vision.

At MTB Carpentry & Construction, we keep up with the times.  Technology now allows us to keep you fully informed about exactly what is happening with your renovation or extension. We will give you login details to our online project management system so we become completely transparent during the construction. Then you can choose if you want to follow what is going on, or if you’d rather just be informed verbally with updates instead.

Some previous clients have loved being able to see what it is we have been doing, or what is about to come up. This way they are completely up to date with all of the information.

Our online system can allow you to see:

  • Overall costs and progress payments
  • Scheduling and timelines
  • Selections – PC and PS items you have chosen
  • Daily logs and photos
  • To do lists
  • Documents, photos and messaging
  • Warranty information


When renovating its quite common that clients are still living in the house that we are turning up to each day. By giving them a peek into where we are up to with the renovation, they can then structure their lives around the schedule that we have given them the access to see. Plus if we are ahead of schedule, they are the first to see the new projected completion date so they can start planing the house warming.

To some clients this is not very exciting, but most can’t believe what is involved to construct a renovation and the work that actually goes into it.

To be able to have the ability to offer clients this level of transparency shows how confident we are in what we are doing.

This is how we continue to delivery our projects to the highest of quality, on budget and on schedule.

Give MTB Carpentry & Construction a call today to start your custom renovation project