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We can customise your own Gold Coast Home

When buying a home, most people tend to have a mental checklist, and whilst you can find a house that meets the majority of your needs and wants, will it be perfect?

Even if you buy a house, sometimes your needs will change over the years, whether you need extra room for a growing family, larger hallways for wheelchair access or you just feel like you want a change, either way, we are on hand to custom build your Gold Coast home to meet your new needs.

Need a custom build solution for your new addition?

Whilst a baby is only small, they come with a lot of luggage and a lot of accessories. Often you don’t realise just how small your home is until your new addition comes along.

Our custom build solutions are a great way to transform your home to suit your needs. Whether you need to change your floor plan to get better functionality, or you want to extend upwards or outwards, our qualified team of architects and designers are on hand to find the perfect solution for you.  From there we can create fixed pricing and commence the renovation you wish you always had.

Custom renovations mean you get the Gold Coast home you’ve always dreamed of

Is your home in need of a make-over? Don’t go to the hassle of moving, by the time you’ve paid stamp duty, real estate commissions, moving costs, legal fees and all the other costs associated, you could have gotten a quality custom renovation that gives you the home you’ve always wanted.

Custom renovations mean you can design the floor plan, the fixtures & finishes, the complete look and feel, we can do as little or as much as you want. If you have a vision or you know what you want but are not sure how to achieve it, we can help you.

For all your custom build needs on the Gold Coast call MTB Carpentry & Construction today

MTB Carpentry & Construction have over 18 years’ experience and specialise in renovations, extensions and unique custom builds.

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