How A Pergola Adds Value To Your Property

Build A Pergola, Build Interest

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One Example Of The Many Pergola Styles We Build.

Some prospective home buyers have a pergola on their list of must-haves. Adding a pergola to your yard opens up the market for you and expands your range of potential buyers. This improves your chances of finding a buyer who will match or exceed your desired selling price.

An Asset For Everyone

Pergolas are an outdoor entertainment classic. Combined with a timber deck, a pergola completes the perfect setting for a backyard BBQ. Pergolas add character to a backyard. Where decks provide a stage, pergolas construct a scene. A professional pergola builder can create pergolas in a vast range of styles to create a defined ambiance. Another benefit of a pergola is extending the home, providing a relaxing area by combining the comfort of inside and the freedom of the outdoors.

Cost Effective Value Booster

A professional pergola is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to boost your properties value. Especially in Australia, pergolas are highly valued. Gold Coast buyers also have higher standards than buyers in other countries. The fine attention to detail that comes with a professional pergola goes a long way to impress local buyers.

Professional Pergola Builders Queensland

For the past 15 years, MTB Carpentry and Construction have been using the highest quality timber and finishers to build the finest pergolas. For a value-boosting pergola built with the highest standard of workmanship, call MTB Carpentry and Construction on 0410 491 080 or visit our website.

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