Tips for remodeling your bathroom after water damage

Tips for remodeling your bathroom after water damage

Water damage is a hard thing to deal with. Not only is it annoying, it can be dangerous as well. It can cause health hazards, and promote the growth of mould and dangerous fungi. There is also a chance of unsuspecting people slipping and hurting themselves over water in unexpected places. All in all, it is something that you would want to avoid. But sometimes, no matter how careful you are, it might happen. And if it happens to your bathroom, it can be a nightmare. So, MTB Carpentry and Construction has come up with a few tips and tricks on how to remodel your bathroom after it has gone through water damage so you don’t have to face it again.

Wet Sealing

Get a team to seal your bathroom tiles all around. Wet sealing is the application of a water proof membrane on surfaces that are likely to gather a lot of water. Tiles do not come with this sealing so it is vital to get them sealed to avoid water damage.


Opting for tiles that absorb water readily is a good idea. This will go a long way to prevent water damage. Check out our blog on tiles to find out more about what tiles are good for using in a bathroom.


Water damage can be caused by an array of different reasons like clogged toilets, broken pipes, broken dishwasher hoses, overflowing washing machines etc. but the most common reason is leaks. Check for leaks regularly and fix the as soon as you possibly can.


Ensure your bathroom has good drainage. That means making sure that the water has somewhere go so it doesn’t collect below tiles or behind walls. Keep your drains unclogged and clean.

Having taken all of that into account, it might be a good idea to call MTB Carpentry and Construction to get started on your bathroom renovation. We have tons of experience working on the Gold Coast and we’ll be glad to help you out!

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