Kitchen Renovation Checklist

A renovation can be a daunting task and when it comes to a vital part of the household like a kitchen, it can be particularly challenging. From your finances to your products and from your tradies team to your “must haves” it can all seem a bit too crazy to manage. Therefore it is always helpful to have a checklist handy. MTB Carpentry and Construction has put together a checklist for you so you can organize your kitchen renovation better.

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Tips for remodeling your bathroom after water damage

Water damage is a hard thing to deal with. Not only is it annoying, it can be dangerous as well. It can cause health hazards, and promote the growth of mould and dangerous fungi. There is also a chance of unsuspecting people slipping and hurting themselves over water in unexpected places. All in all, it is something that you would want to avoid. But sometimes, no matter how careful you are, it might happen. And if it happens to your bathroom, it can be a nightmare. So, MTB Carpentry and Construction has come up with a few tips and tricks on how to remodel your bathroom after it has gone through water damage so you don’t have to face it again.

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Tips for remodelling your kitchen

When it comes to renovations and remodels, there are a lot of things to bring under consideration. Things like how much you’re willing to spend, who you are going to hire, which fittings you are going to use etc. But when you’re talking about a kitchen renovation, it is important to have an elaborate plan so you don’t miss out on anything since the kitchen is one of the most important parts of a modern household. So MTB Carpentry and Construction has made the following list just for you!

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Decks Vs Patios: Which one do you need?

Deciding which product to when there are two very similar products on offer can be a bit of a challenging task. This is often the case for decks and patios. Since this is a fairly big investment, many people find it difficult to decide which one they want. But, no matter how similar they are, there are a few differences in terms of looks, functionality, price and other similar factors. MTB Carpentry and Construction has listed out the pros and cons of both decks and patios just for you. Take a look and deicide which one you need!

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Which carport is perfect for you?

Your car deserves the best care possible from you. It serves you pretty well after all. The greatest gift you can give your car is protection from the elements. You wouldn’t want your car to be left out in the sun, rain, storms or worse would you? A cost effective way of protecting your car from the wrath of the elements is getting a carport for it, while adding value to your home. But, there are quite a few different types of carports available on the market. Making a choice can often be a daunting task. MTB Carpentry and Construction has broken down the different types of carports for your convenience.

Skillion Carport

This is a really simple design, but it does the job well and can look great if designed right. The roof has a one directional pitch or slope. This is typically 3 degrees or 5 degrees, depending on the sort of roof sheet used. This is the simplest carport you can have, it’s basically a roof over your car.

Gable Carport

This is a carport with a pitched roof on two sides. A regular roof pitch is usually 15 degrees, but other variations like as 10 degrees, 20 degrees and 26 degrees are also possible.

Hip Roof

These carports have a 4 sided pitched roof. This resembles most houses that are built today. The most common roof pitch for these carports is 20 degrees.

Party Tent

Made from a canvas canopy, these carports are more of a temporary solution. They’re great for short periods of time but will weather away if you use them for too long.

No matter which one of these you pick, you can rest assured that MTB Carpentry and Construction has the best team on the Gold Coast to install your carport. So, pick up your phone and call, MTB Carpentry and Construction and we will be more than happy to help you out with whatever it is that you may find yourself in need of.

Bathroom tiles- Which type do you need?

There are many different varieties of tiles available on the market. But not every type is suitable for your bathroom. This is because not all tiles are designed for places that are meant to get wet. There are a few factors that come into play when it comes to bathroom tiles. The most important factor is friction. This mainly applies to bathroom floor tiles. In simple terms, the friction could be thought of as how slippery or rough a tile is going to be. The more friction the tile causes, the safer it is to use. The other important characteristic is the ability of the tile to absorb water (viterosity). MTB Carpentry and Construction has put together a list of the best bathroom tile options with these factors in mind just for you.

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Bathroom upgrading tips on a budget

We would all like to have bigger and better bathrooms, but sometimes our wallets just don’t allow us to go for a big, lavish bathroom renovation. But does that mean you should stop trying to make your bathroom better? Absolutely not! MTB Carpentry and Construction has put together a list of upgrades that you can make to your bathroom on a budget.

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Benefits of bathroom renovations

We all love upgrades. There is something about having a better version of something we already own that just makes us happy inside. But when it comes to bathrooms though, renovations or upgrades have more benefits than just making you happy. MTB Carpentry and Construction has put together a list of the benefits of renovating or remodeling your bathroom.

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What type of deck do you need?

There are still a few questions left to answer even when you are 100% sure that you want a deck installed at home. Specifically, the question revolves around what type of deck you want to invest in. There are three main types that are prominent throughout the world, and it seems that the Gold Coast is no different. MTB Carpentry and Construction has whipped up this blog to shed some light on the pros and cons of each one. Enjoy!

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